Year 6 – it’s about what you know…

Year 6 – it’s about what you know…

year six, SATs


We are not testing you on what you know.



Let me repeat that.

Year 6 – We are not testing you on what you know.


We are testing you on what you have spent seven years retaining and are able to regurgitate under pressure. What can you regurgitate when, at ten years old, your life becomes exams.

Eight months of revision. One week of exams.

You will be expected to…

Retain and remember: fractions, simplifying equations, long division and how to interpret a pie chart.

Retain and remember: how to apply inference, understand word meaning, read and understand at speed and order events in a text.

Retain and remember: how to differentiate between subjects and objects, find subjunctive mood, sort word classes and past progressive tense.

You are regurgitating to pass a test.

To get a scaled score.

To define your self as ‘meeting the expected standard’.

We label you as 100; the successful and the proud. Unless you are a 99, a 98… what then?

This is what you have learnt. It is what we have taught you. But – that is not what you know.

You know that manners are important. Saying please and thank you and how to apologise like you really mean it.

You know that body language and eye contact is are life skills. People need to feel valued.

You know that anger, anxiety, stress, impatience and frustration are all ok. You deal with them in the right way, and we’re here to help you.

You know that’s mistakes are expected. Then they’re inspected and corrected. We all do things wrong. All of us. You’ve seen that.

You know it’s ok to laugh at yourself. To act foolish, be silly and stand out. You don’t all excel at the same things. We love that.

You know that we know you.

You know that we care.

We’re in this together. Despite the jumble of SATs terminology we have had to pump you full of – you have learned. We have taught you so much more than algebra.

That’s what we’re proud of.

To us, that makes you so much more that the ‘expected standard’.

You are exceeding.

Remember that on May 8th.


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  1. Lindy
    28th April 2017 / 7:42 am

    It’s so so true! Despite Esme doing nothing but SATS prep since December when we met with her literacy teacher all she did was praise her for her creativity and imagination. Said she’s not worried or bothered one jot about how she’ll do at SATS. That she’s kind and helpful and a real pleasure to have in her class. That she looks forward hearing about the amazing things she will do. That Esme is a writer and to expect great things. Her Maths teacher on the other had was very SATS focused. Different teaching styles Ina school that is VERY SATS focused. I feel for them as they must be under just as much pressure as the kids.

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