World Book Day Is Coming!

World Book Day Is Coming!

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World Book Day is coming! This year it’s on Thursday 2nd March.

For many parents, teachers and children we find ourselves in one of two camps… We’re either one of those people who adore World Book Day and couldn’t think of anything better than dressing up and spending the day reading. Or, you may be in the camp of those people that just want to get through it and get back to normality.

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room straight away… Costumes.

It’s that yearly dilemma. What on earth are we going to dress up as?
Are we going to try and make something, spend hours trawling Pinterest for ideas or bite the bullet and buy a costume when we next visit the supermarket? What happens if your child doesn’t like dressing up? Can you send them as a princess or footballer to keep them happy?
As a teacher it’s even harder!  Last year our whole team at school dressed up as Harry Potter characters – it was simple and great fun. However,  this year our school this year is doing a comic book theme. Finding a modest comic book character is much more of a challenge.

Like I said, costumes = dilemma.

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Once you get past the costume drama and can actually begin to focus on the day itself then things begin to get better.
World Book Day is celebrating it’s 20th year this year. That’s 20 years of inspiring children to read, 20 years teaching to love books. On World Book Day, every child receives a book token so they can add a new book of their own to their collection.

I believe it is so important to teach children to love books. I want Holly and the children I teach to stretch their imaginations. I want them to travel to Hogwarts, Hobbiton and The Faraway Tree. Books allow children to sit on a beach, swim in the ocean, fight zombies and ride clouds without even stepping out of the door.

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I have a slight book addiction of my own. Every shelf, every nook and every cranny of our home is stuffed with books. If I try and clear them out I only end up falling in love with them even more.

I love far too many books for far too many reasons. When going on holiday as a child I would wait till everyone else had packed their cases and then I would try to squeeze a mountain of books into their luggage. I practically ate books.
The librarian at our local children’s library knew me by name and saved the new Lucy Daniel’s animal adventure books for me when they came in. Yup – I was a bit of a book geek.

The important thing for me now is to try and pass that love of books onto my daughter. Reading is such a key and essential part in learning. We love our night time routine and reading stories together. It’s changed pace slightly as H has started school and now she reads to me before I read to her.

I love that she’s read ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ at school and is passionate about the story and all of the characters. Next on our reading list is ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ and ‘The Faraway Tree’. We’ve set up a reading tent in Holly’s room where she can go and read for pleasure. Come on – Who doesn’t want a cute pink reading tent?

World Book Day is a chance to stop and remember just how much there is to love about reading. In a curriculum that is becoming more and more about ‘teaching to the test’, children need to have the opportunity to read for themselves because they enjoy it. .

If World Book Day helps with that – then in my eyes it’s a very good thing indeed.
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Stuck for ideas? Visit our World Book Day pinterest board.

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