We Went to Dublin

We Went to Dublin

We went to Dublin.

When I say we… I mean Ruth & I.

Ruth is… a VERY good friend of mine and has been for the last 6 years. I don’t know when we really became so ‘pally-pally’ but there’s no going back now, she is stuck with me and vice versa. We decided after 6 years of successful friendship it was time we stepped it up and celebrated with a weekend away.

We chose Dublin partly because we’re from Yorkshire. That means we couldn’t pass up £30 return flights! We booked and were making grand plans, then euros were bought and hotels were booked. We were off!

I’ve done another little post about some of the places we went and the things we saw, if you’re interested… click.

We stayed on the south side of the river about a 10 minute bus ride from the centre. Our accommodation was very much a case of ‘it looked good on the internet’. We had our own little kitchen and living room which was super useful, but I don’t think we’d be booking the same accommodation in a hurry.


I think it took me a little while to adjust to the different culture in Dublin. People are SO friendly. It’s really rather surprising that everyone offers to help. The bus drivers, bar men and everyone you meet is happy to chat and make pleasant conversation.

The drinking culture is also different. There are of course the usual stag and hen dos, but it isn’t unusual to find lone drinkers out and about enjoying the atmosphere. We chatted to a man travelling alone from Canada, a woman from Wisconsin and met Santa, all there on their own to soak in the music. It made the area around Temple Bar feel really safe and we returned there every night for a night cap… or two!

We were such tourists. We did all the ‘big’ sights. The red tour bus, the Guinness Storehouse, Kilmainham Gaol, a Pub Crawl,Riverdance and Temple Bar. We didn’t regret any of it. We would definitely go back and do it all again!

Here are some of our holiday snap shots 🙂

Dublin-1 Dublin-2dublin Dublin-3 Dublin-4 Dublin-5 Dublin-6 Dublin-7 Dublin-8 Dublin-9 Dublin-10Dublin-121Dublin-119Dublin-120 Dublin-13 Dublin-21 Dublin-23 Dublin-24 Dublin-26 Dublin-27 Dublin-29 Dublin-36 Dublin-57 Dublin-61 Dublin-65 Dublin-67 Dublin-70 Dublin-71fb4 Dublin-78 Dublin-80 Dublin-82 Dublin-83 Dublin-84 Dublin-87 Dublin-104 Dublin-106 Dublin-107 Dublin-108 Dublin-109 Dublin-110 Dublin-111
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