The Weekend – 18.11.17

The Weekend – 18.11.17


Toes are curled in warm duvets

Alarm clocks stand silenced.

No busy, no rush and no plans…

The weekend.

Hello old friend.


It’s that moment when the warmth and excitement of the weekend ahead envelops you and you can float along without routine. During the working week the possibility of spending the morning on the beach, having time to really enjoy a cup of tea or to finally remove chipped nail varnish seem a world away. But – oh no! Not at the weekend.

This weekend was especially magical. We’d planned it to the brim. It was almost bubbling over. But not in that way where you resent it.  In the way that you hold both arms out and rush towards it.



Life recently has felt so hectic, busy and jam packed.

So Saturday morning was spent on the beach in Bridlington. It was one of those autumn days where you wake up to rain pattering on the windows but within an hour the world is full of golden sunshine. One of those days that needs to be used for adventure.

Holly and the beach are a perfect combination. She wanders and explores with so much confidence. Asking questions about shells and rocks, then full of pride when she recognises a ‘razor clam!’. She takes her time to pick up interesting rocks and examine them before committing them to her pocket or back to the sand.

It’s not just Holly either. There’s something about the beach that makes me feel grounded again. I love the chance to take a few photos, breathe in the sea air and clear out the cobwebs of the week.


The main reason we headed to the beach in the first place was to meet ‘Harris’. Who is the most beautiful 10 week old puppy.  I’ve never declared myself as a ‘dog person’. We  didn’t have many pets growing up, the odd rabbit or guinea pig – but not ‘proper’ pets like dogs. I feel a bit out of my depth, however Harris is amazing. He was so friendly and adventurous. It was his first walk and first time on the beach. It reminded me of Holly’s first time on the beach – only Harris didn’t throw the sand in his own face and laugh about it.


I mean, really it’s just perfect isn’t it… the beach. Everyone has a place where they can go to soothe all of life’s problems. A place where you go to escape the stress and the worries. For me… that’s the beach. Where everything seems to have it’s opposite – it’s balance.

The air is warm and the water is cool. The sand is soft and the rocks are hard. The seagulls screech and the wind whispers. It all just feels so right. All of it. The beach, the time, the space… the weekend.


The weekend is perfect.


The cobwebs are gone.

Here’s a new week, and before long, another weekend.


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