The REAL Father Christmas

The REAL Father Christmas

There are some moments as a parent that you dream about. You want them to go perfectly and every so often… when all the stars align in your favour… they are just that – perfect!

Oh – it was absolutely perfect!

Seeing Father Christmas is one of those yearly traditions I LOVE! We’ve seen a few now over the years, shopping centre ones, Centre Parcs ones, farm shop ones and last year (randomly because I booked the whole thing far too late) we saw Father Christmas down a mine. Yes – a mine.

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Not this year. This year there was no disorganisation. I booked tickets in October for the Kirklees Light Railway. October – that made me feel like I’d earned imaginary ‘mum points’. I’d heard the KLR was a great day out to go and see Santa/Father Christmas.

I told Holly that her Christmas fairy ‘Clementine’ had bought her the tickets so she could make sure Father Christmas knew what she would like. Clementine was definitely in the good books as we set off for the train!


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The train journey wasn’t anything we haven’t done before – in fact it was filled with screaming children which wasn’t too relaxing – by the time we arrived in the ‘North Pole’ I was feeling a little dubious. My mum enquired where all the snow had gone and we were informed by a very Yorkshire elf that Mrs Claus had turned the thermostat up. Genius!

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We had to wait a short while before we could see the big man himself. We were fed mince pies and mulled wine to keep up comfy and warm, all of which was included in the ticket price. When we were finally called to see the big man himself I don’t know who was more excited – Holly or I!

Here’s where the genius started to happen… the ‘elf’ outside the grotto was amazing at talking to the children. She engaged Holly in conversation, asking her all about her fairy Clementine. Holly explained that Clementine visits us every year. She comes from Father Christmas for our Christmas season and then she returns to the North Pole in the New Year.

The ‘elf’ listened patiently and then slipped inside the room to check if FC was ready. He was. When we walked into the room he cried ‘Holly, I’m so glad you’ve come and brought Clementine!’.

Well, I could have wept. The fact the ‘elf’ had taken the time to listen to Holly, then told Father Christmas about Clementine too was just incredible. As a parent, it couldn’t have got any better. Holly was completely star struck. She chatted away to him and they both discussed Clementines recent antics.

It. Was. Amazing!

There’s just no other way to describe it. When people pay that kind of attention to your child you can’t help but feel overwhelmed with gratitude.

As we left the grotto and Holly slid her hand in mine, she looked up at me and said ‘He’s the real Father Christmas because he knew all about Clementine’.

Does it get much better than that?

We found the REAL Father Christmas.

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  1. Lynne Day
    17th December 2016 / 8:31 am

    It was magical, thank you for inviting me, it made this grandma very happy.

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