The End of the ‘Big Nursery’ Era

The End of the ‘Big Nursery’ Era

I pulled up in the car and felt myself sigh.

Was this really going to be the last time?

How were we here already?

I wasn’t ready, and who knew if she was?

I remember the first time we went to look around. When we were trying to choose a nursery. Who on earth could take care of this tiny human as well as us? What happens if she was too young, or too gentle or the other kids pulled her hair?

We saw a few nurseries, some were… ok. One was depressing and full of rooms that felt like pens. The staff were aggressive and angry about the abhorrent misuse of play doh. I knew it was a ‘no’ five seconds after we walked in the door.

One was sticky. The floors went ‘tack,tack,tack’ as you walked around and I couldn’t focus on anything the very angular woman was saying. Plus she moved a child out of the way with her foot. Definite no.

I wanted one that felt like my childhood nursery. I remember my own with great affection, big windows and the butterfly sticker about my peg. The bottles of milk with the foil tops. I knew what I wanted, and it wasn’t selfish – you’re allowed to want things when they’re for your tiny human.

Then we saw Fixbees. It had windows, large windows with lots of light. There were stickers of tractors and animals above the pegs. The staff were friendly and not at all angular. The floors weren’t tacky. It wasn’t a Hollywood movie moment, I just looked around and everything felt – nice. Nice was good. So my tiny human became a nursery goer for two and a half years.

For two and a half years she had her apple sticker over her peg, she played with play doh and sand boxes. They had India week, Chinese New Year and World Book Day. There were birthday parties, friendships and Elsa dresses.

Then in a whirlwind it was over.
School places had been applied for and accepted. The tiny human was moving on. Moving on to a school.
A big school – where we didn’t know if there were stickers above the pegs, if the floors were sticky or if they found play doh abhorrent.

It all just goes too fast really doesn’t it… here’s hoping for peg stickers and a play doh table. Fingers crossed.

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