Seeing Santa: Cannon Hall Farm

Seeing Santa: Cannon Hall Farm


It’s December! Which means for lots of us we start making plans to go see the big red man himself.

Last year we went for tea with Santa at the garden centre, the year before had a lovely experience with Father Christmas at the Kirklees Light Railway.

This year we decided to go back to Cannon Hall Farm where we’ve been once before. I loved the fact that at Cannon Hall seeing Father Christmas can be paired with a family outing for the whole day, which is included in the price of the ticket.
I know it sounds like it, but this isn’t an ad. We’ve been to Cannon Hall many times over the years and it’s never let us down. So it deserves a thumbs up and a nod for what it’s done well.

Part of the reason that we booked was due to Holly’s age. At seven, just seeing Santa himself isn’t much of an event for her. She can get a little awkward and doesn’t know what to say to him. However, at Cannon Hall they run an ‘Elf Workshop’ where you can go to elf school to learn how to build a bear. Holly is a creative soul and she loves crafting and making so it was perfect!


The elf workshop is in a different space this year, out in the events gazebo. It starts with ‘elf school’, where two elves teach you how to build a christmas bear. It’s friendly amateur dramatics with two elves trying to work out how to save Christmas by building bears for Santa. They really get the children involved and it’s all very festive.

There’s a bit of a sing a long, shaking of jingle bells and the children get to choose a heart to go inside their bear! Which is lovely! The elves are super friendly and come up to interact with the children and for photographs. They keep everything organised and running smoothly with a good dose of humour.



You then get to go through to the workshop. It is a huge room with a work table and bears on every wall. The children get to choose a stuffed animal. There are the usual bears, cats, dogs – and a rainbow bear which was Holly’s first pick!

The children get to stuff their bear, put their little material heart inside and check it is perfectly squishy before they do up the one way zip. Then of course there’s an additional outfit shop where you can dress the bear – which we were sucked into. Holly chose an elf outfit for her bear which has been named ‘Molly’.

Tickets to the Elves Workshop are priced at £19.95 per child and £6.95 for accompanying adults. Which we thought was a fair price for the experience, the bear and the whole day out at the farm.

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Going to to the elf workshop means you can upgrade and also visit Santa for an additional £8. Santa is all set up like an airport. There is an arrivals desk where the staff tell you if you’ve been naughty or nice. Then you get to write a letter to Santa before waiting in the departures lounge. The flight attendants call you through to see Santa and he’s a lovely jolly old man who asks the usual questions before kindly passing on a gift.

I have to say – the elf workshop was the highlight of the day for us. It was great for Holly and she really enjoyed making her bear. Seeing Santa is always a nice part of December but it wasn’t the whole family experience. Whereas doing to workshop, seeing Santa and exploring the farm is a lovely day out.

Also, the Hungry Lama play-gym is fantastic once the evenings turn cold and dark it’s a great place to cosy up with a coffee while the kids play.


TIP: We also had lunch in the White Bull which is very reasonably priced and lovely food!

Link for booking: Elf Workshop.


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