Pregnancy Update: Week 38

Pregnancy Update: Week 38

Well, well, well – we’re here!

Week 38!

Now officially considered full term and we could pop out a baby at any point! If only it were going to be that easy!

I am now officially on maternity leave – which is a wonderful feeling. I’ve found the last few weeks at work a mammoth struggle. I’ve been so tired and coming home exhausted. Teaching is a hectic profession at the best of times – but trying to be my best ‘teaching-self’ and growing a tiny human has been a struggle. Teaching PE has been impossible, but thankfully the 30 children in my class are incredible and have been so helpful. The last week has been easier as I’ve been team teaching with the lovely lady who will take over my class. She’s a fellow red head so I’m hoping the kids won’t even notice I’m gone!

I don’t think I was at all prepared for what I can only describe as an outpouring of love as I left work on Friday. We’ve been given so many beautiful gifts for our little lady before she’s even here. Children I taught last year have made cards and sent presents, parents have been so understanding that I’m leaving mid-year (which I feel incredibly guilty about) and the staff at school are like a second family.

I did not want a baby shower. I was adamant about that and have been the whole way through. Not because I have anything against them. I’ve been to some fun ones over the years – but because I have a real phobia of being the centre of attention. I either go bright red and sweaty or burst into tears! I don’t like opening presents in front of people or worrying about everyone being entertained… it’s silly/crazy I know but hey – we all have our quirks. So we went out for a lovely meal in the week and I felt very spoilt.

I thought I’d managed it and escaped work without a baby shower – but was ambushed in the middle of our last Safeguarding meeting by all  the staff coming in to give us gifts and say goodbye. So of course – I burst into tears and went beetroot!
It was sincerely appreciated though. They’re all SO kind!


Although we won’t be having a baby shower. We are so excited for all our family and friends to meet our new little lady, so have organised a ‘Welcome to the World’ party in February. It’ll be a chance to get together once she’s a few weeks old and celebrate her arrival!

We’ve hired the local village hall so we don’t have to worry about hosting/making a mess at home. It’ll also hopefully give us the first few weeks to cocoon ourselves at home and not have to worry about exhausting ourselves entertaining guests.

When we started planning our little party, we booked in with a lovely photographer we’ve had a session with before to take some bump shots for our invites. She’s called Sarah and runs Key Reflections Photography in Sheffield. We love the photos she took for us – Autumn is my favourite season so these couldn’t be more perfect! We’re sending invites out with this years’ Christmas cards! Exciting!


With our little lady due December 19th, we knew we were going to have to be organised with Christmas this year. Our Christmas shopping was finished towards the end of November and it’ll all be wrapped in the next week. We’ve booked all our festive activities in the first week of December and then nothing else!
This Saturday, being the first of December, we went off to see the Big Red Man himself and had a lovely day at Cannon Hall Farm. There was an elf workshop, a festive lunch and of course a chat about Christmas wishes with the big man himself!


So I think we’re there. Organised, ready…

It’s a strange feeling. Spending 9 months waiting for something and then all of a sudden it’s imminent. We’ve had our meeting with the consultant midwife and been through our ideal birth plan. We’d like a water birth and as little intervention as possible. I’m trying not to get too attached to one way of thinking so that I can just go with the flow. It’s always nerve wracking not knowing what might happen and just hoping for the best.

I feel much better in terms of knowing more this time than I did with Holly. Partly because we’ve been through it before and partly because the NCT classes have been incredible.

It’s nice now we’ve got the nursery organised and finished. I keep wandering in hoping it might boost my oxytocin levels and get something moving, but I do know bodies and babies have their own time scales. We haven’t quite agreed on a name yet, there are a couple we like, and Holly is still very attached to ‘Molly’. She likes the idea of rhyming names, but we’ll see!

Either way, I’m hoping that by Christmas we have a beautiful, snuggly bundle of joy!

What could be better?

I’d better get back on the birthing ball now and drink some raspberry leaf tea!

Over and out!


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    I really love your pregnancy update. How lovely and especially pleasant to read this intriguing part.

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