Pregnancy Update: 41 Weeks

Pregnancy Update: 41 Weeks



Well, Hello 41 weeks!

Last week was a bit of a mix of emotions here.

Firsty, we were overjoyed to have reached 40 weeks pregnant and felt very blessed we’ve had a fairly easy pregnancy. Secondly, we were finally at our due date and 40 weeks pregnant, which is a huge feeling of relief that our baby is healthy and fully grown. Thirdly, we had what we hoped would be our last midwife appointment.

At our appointment we thought all was well until we were measured, and it turned out we were measuring 2cm smaller than at our 38 week appointment. This meant we weren’t able to have a sweep and instead were booked in for a growth scan. We had a tense night with no sleep while we waited for a scan the next morning.

The next morning, was actually my 30th birthday, and thankfully we’ve decided not to celebrate it until next year which I am VERY pleased about. Waiting in a hospital waiting room is no-ones idea of a birthday. Never mind a 30th one. We spent a tense hour waiting for scan results, measurements of amniotic fluid and blood flow through the cord to the placenta. Thankfully, all the results looked normal! Only, the midwife team had made an error and put our baby down as breech – which was the first time anyone had mentioned it to us and thankfully was an error! But again, we had to wait half an hour for this to be confirmed before being told it was all a mistake and a wrong box had been ticked. Phew!

Christmas of course then began drawing closer and closer and we were beginning to hope that she wouldn’t arrive and we’d actually get to eat our beloved Christmas dinner. I did not want to leave Holly without us on Christmas day.
Mike’s mum and step-dad joined us for Christmas and were amazing at sorting Christmas dinner and making our whole Christmas easy and streamlined. Plus, no baby decided to join us and we were left to relax and enjoy the day, which was a lovely last Christmas with Holly before she has to share the limelight with her sister next year.

Now, at 41 weeks pregnant we’ve seen the midwife again and all seems to be well. We won’t see her again now as she’s booked us an induction. After listening to all the hypnobirthing videos from The Positive Birthing Company it’s really changed my mindset about induction dates. So I did not want to be given a date knowing it was looming and we might not get the birth centre birth we were hoping for.
I’m not sure if our midwife thought I was a bit loopy, but I don’t want to spend the next week or so worrying about the impending date that means our baby might not come by herself. So I left Mike in the room to book the appointment with the midwife if we ‘have’ to have one and haven’t asked when it is. I want our baby to come by herself when she’s ready and think we have more chance of that if I’m not stressing about it. I’ve been given some brilliant advice about not accepting an induction and trying acupuncture and massage first.

I am so excited to meet our tiny human now. We’ve been waiting for her for what feels like a VERY long time! Plus, all our family and friends are done waiting too. Every time my phone beeps it’s something similar to, ‘Any baby news?’ or ‘Is she here yet?’. I’m starting to wish I was like a hedgehog and could just hibernate until we have news. I’m pretty sure we won’t forget to tell all our friends and family when she does arrive.

So here we are – 41 weeks. We’ve spent the day walking around the park, keeping active and spending quality time together. Which I have loved! I keep wondering if every day is the last day, if every night we go to sleep will be the last night…

Here’s to not writing a ’42 weeks’ pregnant post!

Come on baby girl!

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