Pregnancy Update – 22 Weeks

Pregnancy Update – 22 Weeks

Last time I wrote here about pregnancy and the journey so far we were counting down the days until the summer holidays, waiting for life to slow down a little and find some chill time. We’re now four weeks into those holidays and they’ve been wonderful! We spent a week in the lakes on holidays and had chance to slow down, read books and adventure together. Phew!

Pregnancy so far seems to be progressing well! I’d really forgotten how much it takes out of you. How much each day is a different rollercoaster and some days all I can do is sit down and cook this bun. I wonder how it will be going back to school full time in September! eek!

We’re at 22 weeks now, so past the half-way point. It’s exciting to think that in the time we’ve been pregnant, if we do that time again we’ll have a tiny human. 22 weeks means we’re past the point where I look like I’ve just ‘eaten too many pies’ and actually have a little emerging bump. I find myself absent mindedly walking along with one hand on this new ‘shelf’ I’m growing, and it’s lovely.

Clothes on the other hand, aren’t so lovely. I naively thought I might not need maternity clothes for a little while, but all my usual leggings and shorts seem to cut straight through my belly button and it’s uncomfortable. So I”ve bought a few bits and pieces.

Maternity ranges aren’t the best to be honest. They’re all a bit dull and uninspiring. Lot’s of ‘circus-tent’ tops, maxi dresses and vest tops. I’ve found Next, New Look, H&M & Jojo Maman Bebe seem to be the best for a few bits at the moment. I did a recent Next haul and picked up these bits:

I treated myself to a swimming costume so I can do some gentle exercise. These few bits have all been lovely, and Next clothes do seem to wash well. I’ve ordered a few bits fro Jojo and New Look that should arrive soon, which will be nice. Especially as I’ll need some more professional bits when I return to work.


I have been having the MOST vivid dreams. I usually have a couple a night, but these dreams are crazy. Full of suspense, tension or insanely real. We’ve been watching ‘Sharp Objects’ on Netflix, which is rather tense and eerie,  I don’t think it helps watching tense and creepy things before bed. We’ll be back to the glass of milk and reading a book!

Baby girl is definitely growing. She’s getting strong! She’s kicking a LOT now. At the past two scans she’s been in the same position with her feet on my left hand side. I think I can work out when she’s kicking with her feet or if it’s her elbows. Holly has felt a few flutter kicks and Mike has felt some strong ones. She’s mostly active at night, which I don’t think bodes well for future sleeping!



We’ve got a few ideas about names. One in particular is the front runner but I’m a big believer in seeing the baby and then deciding a name. What happens if the name you’ve picked doesn’t suit them?

If it was a boy, I was rather keen on Henry or Harry – but there seems to be so much more choice with girls. We’d like something different but not too different. So she won’t be called ‘Apple’ but not something super traditional either.


So for now, we’re nicely plodding along. Enjoying the summer and the second trimester.

Next jobs are to start getting organised with things like prams, monitors and copious amounts of vests and nappies! Help!



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