Pregnancy Essentials

Pregnancy Essentials

Being pregnant is amazing, exhausting and wonderful all rolled into one beach ball sized bump!

Now that we’re nearing the end of pregnancy there are some things that have helped us get through the days or make this journey a little easier. Here are ten of the things I couldn’t have coped without!

1. Vitamins – I suppose these are more of a ‘I must take them for the health of my baby’ rather than something I love having during pregnancy. It’s easy to get duped into buying the expensive branded ones when the own brand do the same thing. We started off with Pregnacare, then switched to folic acid after about five months when they’d run out. I’ve bought some vitamin D for after baby is born on the recommendation of our NCT course leader.


2. Bio-Oil or Olive Oil – I have treated myself to a large bottle of bio oil and have tried to keep up with applying it before bed on an evening. I had dark, angry stretch marks with Holly and didn’t use bio oil until after. I’m hoping with using it during pregnancy I might avoid the whole wrath of the stretch marks!


3. Leggings. Oh maternity leggings how I love you! Adore you and worship you! They’re literally the most comfortable thing I’ve worn in months. They go with everything and are incredibly comfortable compare to everything else! My favourite pair are from next, and I got some from Mothercare but had to buy them two sizes bigger as they’re not quite as stretchy.


4. Pillows. Extra pillows are my friend. I bought a ‘wedge pillow’ which helped for a while but I’m actually just finding a couple of extra normal pillows work just fine. A friend at work lent me one of those HUGE body pillows and it’s been amazing and seen me through a month or so. Now we’re towards the end I’ve pretty much given in on everything and am just getting sued to the no sleep!


5. Snacks. I get peckish at random intervals throughout the day. So keeping the cupboards stocked with things like nuts, fruit and cereal bars is amazing. Plus a cheeky slice of Christmas cake from time to time – oh yes!


6. A Comforable Bra. I’ve never been particularly well endowed in the bosom area – but when pregnant that all changes so I needed a comfortable bra fairly early on. Marks and Spencer’s sorted me right out and I now have a few I couldn’t live without! Nursing tops from mothercare are also very supportive and a good alternative!


7. Water. I have always been terrible at drinking enough. I just forget. When I’m at work I don’t really have the time for multiple toilet trips so sometimes avoid drinking too much. But I’ve got a lovely carafe of cold water constantly sitting in the fridge and it’s encouraging me to keep hydrated.


8. Comfy shoes. I love a pair of comfortable heels for work but they’ve been sidelined in favour of slip on sandals and trainers. I swore I’d never buy a pair of crocs but I have. Only for around the garden mind! But comfy shoes are vital – the heels are in retirement!


9. An early bedtime. I need sleep like never before. I used to be able to burn the candles at both ends without even thinking about it. I’d go to bed after midnight and still spring up at 6am no problem. Not anymore. We laugh now, but if we’re in bed after ten we think it’s late!


10. Patience. I know patience is a bit abstract from the others but it’s been essential for me in the past few months to give myself a break! To slow down and accept that it’s ok to not get as much done as I used to. To do a few big jobs in a day and feel ok with that rather than try do everything and feel disappointed. Downloading the 30 minutes a day cleaning programme from ‘The Organised Mum’ has made tackling housework a whole heap easier! I’m learning to cut myself some slack! I don’t feel like myself when I’m pregnant, I can’t go out hiking or do lots of the things I love as easily. Patience is definitely a virtue!


What were essentials for you when you were pregnant? Any tips?


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