I remember that feeling of waiting in Max Spielman to pick up a roll of film I’d sent to be developed. It was that feeling of nervous excitement, wondering what I’d managed to capture and if it had turned out well.

I still get that feeling now when I slot my memory card into the computer – wait for lightroom to start and work out what I’ve captured. I love learning where I managed to succeed and what I can do next time. Photography is something I love.

I currently shoot with a Fuji x10 and love it’s size and flexibility. I don’t feel I’ve outgrown it yet and when I do it’ll be a sad parting of ways.

I’m an iPhone tinkerer, tilt shift added and Instagram addict.

Have a nosey at some of the photos I’ve taken over the last little while…

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1-35 becky day photography, fuji x10 December-13february-23february-36february-60 Lakes-6 HollyBirthday-8-2 Maze-1 Maze-153 Scotland-4 Scotland-9 Scotland-13 Scotland-28 Scotland-68 Scotland-77
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