Our House – What did we buy?

Our House – What did we buy?

It’s been two months.

Two months since we moved from our rental home where we’ve been for nearly three years and moved into a home that is ours. Two months of settling in, jiggling furniture and nesting.
Two months of Pinterest board planning and making decisions.
Two months of feeling grateful for these bricks and mortar that are now ours!

Buying a house is the most stressful, whirlwind and at some points the slowest thing in the world! I suppose just like having a baby, once it’s all done you forget the stress and bask in the lovely-ness of it all.

So what did we buy?


It’s a 1900’s three bedroom house with a sloping stepped garden and a secret door on the front for pixies and gnomes – well, not really but that’s what we like to joke with Holly.

We bought it from a couple who have lived here for 48 years and raised their two boys here before needing to downsize to a bungalow. The steps and the garden had all become too much for them and so they’ve moved literally down the road in the village. Whereas we love the stepped garden, rambling feel and the Yorkshire hills – it’s a perfect fit.


Where did we buy?
This was a HUGE decision. Anyone local to Huddersfield will know there are a TON of lovely eye-catching villages like Meltham and Holmfirth but they’re pretty pricey.

We’d been living in Birkby, less than a mile from Huddersfield centre. It’s an area full of students, working families and it’s very busy and bustling. We lived on the kind of street where cars are parked on both sides and there’s always someone coming and going, including students at 2am. We knew we wanted something quieter and more serene but we didn’t know where. I’ve watched enough Phil & Kirstie to know that it’s all about. ‘Location, Location, Location’. So we knew the place was as important as the house.

We bought an A-Z. No seriously, a Huddersfield A-Z map book, a green and red sharpie and off we went, to discover the areas we liked. We spent Sunday afternoons driving around and looking at local villages, house prices and getting a vibe for what we liked. If they passed, green tick, if they failed, red cross. Then we searched rightmove in these areas.

We loved the Yorkshire villages of Marsden and Slaithwaite (Slawit). They were everything we wanted. In the end we didn’t even find the house ourselves. Mike’s mum called us when we were out for dinner one night about a property that had just come online. We were there the next day and it was perfect!

What is it like?

It’s lovely – in our opinion. We have an open plan living-dining room that can be separated by glass sliding doors and a narrow kitchen that one day I’d love to open up into a kitchen diner. We have more built-in furniture than I’ve ever seen in my life! Which at first I was dead set against and wanted to pull out. I’ve since realised the error of my ways and now see how much useful and tidy storage it gives us.

It’s all very ‘nice’ and we could live here as it is but it isn’t to our taste at all. There’s lots of wood, wallpaper and questionable carpet colours (green and purple) that I am itching to change. However, I’m under no illusions that this will be a long project, and with a baby on the way we’re taking it a little at a time.

We’ve agreed the summer months would be spent on the garden and the winter in the house.

What about outside space?

The garden is a treasure trove of levels and zones. The estate agent photographs don’t do it justice, I’ll take some of our own and show you the rambly sections we have grand plans for. we have a lovely front patio that is surrounded by a fence for safety. That really appealed to my mum senses. The vendors has grandchildren so have saved us a job there.

There’s a first patio perfect for BBQ’s and then a second level with more lawns and patio’s. The top level was a wilderness of weeds and shrubs that Mike has started tackling to eventually build us a social patio space.

Holly has made great friends with a girl who lives two doors over and our gardens join at the top. Mike has cleared a gateway so the girls can come and go between both gardens as they please, which is superb!


So there you have it – our little Yorkshire home.

These are all estate agent photos, so I’ll post some of our actual ‘stuff’ inside and our vision for what we’d like to do next!


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