Our 10 Holiday Essentials #markwarnermum

Our 10 Holiday Essentials #markwarnermum


A little patience for when you get lost.

Wild hand gestures for when you’re trying to translate new languages.

A sense of adventure for a new day in a new place.

All of these things are holiday essentials. A holiday is as much about a  positive attitude and a sense of adventure as it is about what you’ve managed to squash into your suitcase. Things always go a little higgledy piggledy when travelling – it’s part of the fun. There’s nothing like that feeling at the end of the day when things have mostly gone right and you feel like you’ve really travelled. You know?

We love to travel. New places, new food and new people. It’s just so exciting. It’s also about the chance to spend quality time with family and friends.

Travelling with Holly has made me reassess holidays and travel completely. She’s full of a sense of adventure and jumps in with both feet. However, she needs to take a few home comforts with her for reassurance. So when we undertook this challenge I decided to ask her what was important to her when packing for a trip.

What were her five holiday essentials? Those things she just couldn’t leave home without? I was curious as she scurried around her room discussing her choices with herself.

Then she came back.

Boy – was it eye opening.

It really shows how differently five year olds think.

Her five things are – quality!

I’m about to show you our mood board… do you think you can guess which five items are Holly’s and which are mine?


Still not sure which are the holiday ‘must haves’ of a five year old? Then have a look at our video where all they mystery will be explained…

There you have it! The ten things we can’t travel without. I’m just glad there weren’t any larger cuddly toys! Exceeding baggage limits… Yes –  that’s the five year old travelling with a polar bear.


We love adventure. With a camera in hand we’ll go forth and discover the world!

Ok – that sounds a little cheesy.

Seriously – we’re optimistic, fun loving and we take things in our stride. We love blogging, photography, social media and shouting about our adventures. There’s so much of the world we haven’t seen yet.

Plus have you seen how cute that little ginger one is?

PicMonkey Collage

Mark Warner Activity HolidaysThis is our entry into the Mark Warner Holidays’ Family Ambassador Programme 2017.

Find out more about Mark Warner here.



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