Oh Haworth!

Oh Haworth!


‘I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will’.

If you’re a romantic at heart then you’ll know that’s a bit of Charlotte Bronte. And if you know that’s Charlotte Bronte then you’ll have heard of a little old place called Haworth.

It’s the most dreamy, romantic and wonderful place. Every step takes you over new cobbles. Every shop takes you on new adventures. Every turn is full of dusty old books. Everything about Haworth is perfect.

I’ve been many times over the years. I’ve walked out to Top Withens on a blustery hike, we’ve ridden on the Keighley Worth Valley railway but Haworth is always the star of the show.



Haworth might be famous because of it’s connection of the Bronte sisters but there is so much more to it than that. It’s got rolling hills, picturesque moorland and beautiful independant shops. Every shop is like a different discovery. The traders are welcoming, their doors are open (literally) even in the cold autumn air. There are chocolate shops, cafes, art shops and places to look at antiques and collectables.

At this time of year Haworth is full of seasonal goodness – I like Halloween and Haworth does it remarkably well. There are ghosts hung from every tree, creepy following eyes and even a few severed hands.
haworth-16 haworth-17


Every shop window makes you stop and look. I found myself zig-zagging across the street just so that I feel like I don’t miss anything. I want to come home with the worlds most adorable biscuit tins, tealights, paintings of the sea and hand-sewn circus mice. All of which I need – of course!

It’s the perfect place for buying little birthday gifts or home trinkets. For me – as a book lover – I always like to come home with a book. This time it was a bit of E.Nesbit.


haworth-18 haworth-19haworth-22 haworth-23 haworth-24 haworth-25haworth-27 haworth-28


One of the absolute delights is the ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’. You MUST pay them a visit. The shop is in the place of the old drug store where Branwell Bronte famously bought his┬ádoses of opium. It’s like stepping back into old England. There is so much to see you don’t know where to look first. It’s full of bath milks, quirky soap, pressed flowers and strange cupboards of wonder.

There’s something about it that’s so charming – plus it’s right across from the sweet shop!

haworth-29haworth-31 haworth-32haworth-34 haworth-35haworth-37haworth-39 haworth-40 haworth-41haworth-43 haworth-44 haworth-45 haworth-46haworth-48


Are there many things in life better than being greeting by jars full of traditional sweets. Who knew there weren’t just sherbet lemons – but kiwi limes, blackcurrant lemons and acid lemons too?
Although in the end I settled for chocolate raisins – they’ve always been a favourite of mine. It’s a beautiful noise hearing the pitter patter of chocolate raisins hit the weighing scales.
haworth-50 haworth-51haworth-53 haworth-54 haworth-55

Plus – can you really say no when there are bakeries selling ‘Yorkshire Fat Tykes’?
I actually bought a bit of parkin but still it made me laugh – What more could you want for a Sunday afternoon stroll?


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