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I’m Becky and welcome to the Bright Side.

Don’t be fooled by the name- this isn’t a blog all about sweetness and light. If you’re here for summer lighting, plaid table cloths and pigtails, you might be in the wrong place! Partly because my plaiting skills really are lacking.

The Bright Side is our own little corner of the internet. You’ll come to expect teacher rambles, cooking highs and lows, travel, parenting, photography and days out. That’s what we love – and that’s what we spend our time doing when we’re not at school, dancing, swimming lessons or keeping on top of life. I’ve loved blogging for many years now and I hope you’ll come to love the Bright Side too.



I’m Becky. The one that provides the words and the pictures here at Bright Side. I’m mum to Holly who was born in 2011 and changed life for the better from the first moment she appeared. I’m a primary school teacher by day and have been since 2010. I love my job and it’s taught me a lot over the years, both about myself and about parenting. It’s a ridiculously hard job and I’m constantly fighting the work life balance because despite what you may have heard, we don’t actually get to finish work at half three.

I love photography and always have. I remember my first Kodak camera and that magical feeling of getting a film developed at Max Spielman. I’ve never lost that sense of magic. I love tinkering with my photos and displaying them around our home.

I adore all things yellow, flowers, cocktails, sour sweets and I LOVE FOOD – sushi, thai food, italian – there isn’t much I won’t eat. Although I recently tried oysters and I can’t say I’ll be rushing back.

Basically – that’s me!




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Holly – precious bundle that she is- is six now and I’m doing my best co-parenting her to optimistic, fun loving and inquisitive as possible. She’s an amazing little thing – that isn’t so little anymore. H started school last September and it’s been a real change to our pace of life. I find myself really missing an abundance of free time that we got before the restrictions of the school day.  I love Holly’s stubbornness, her optimism and her passion for watching Kinder Surprise Egg videos on You Tube.


In her own words, ‘I love colouring, dancing to Go Noodle and watching Trolls. I also love dancing to the music from Trolls. My favourite food is spaghetti bolognese because I like to suck it and have fun eating it. I don’t like school much because sometimes it’s boring learning lots of things and I’d like more playtimes. I’m scared of ghosts and pirates and when I grow up I’m going to stay at home and do everything for my family or I might be a doctor’.

Basically – that’s her.



We adore Yorkshire and I couldn’t imagine living anywhere better, this blog is about all the things we love and about seeing the ‘brighter side’ of life.


So this is me, this is us and this is the Bright Side.

Stay a while, get a cuppa, pop your feet up and say hello!