Makin’ Cakes

Makin’ Cakes


It was always the buttercream.

That was always my favourite part of a birthday cake.

It didn’t matter who was having the birthday but buttercream cakes were always the star of the show for me.

I remember, once my mum made me a birthday cake that was shaped like a hedgehog. It was smothered in chocolate buttercream and covered with chocolate buttons. It was AH-MAZING! There’s that childhood feeling of bliss when you’ve blown the birthday candles out, made a wish and a slab of cakey-buttercreamy goodness is placed in front of you – all yours.

There were lots of other cakes, I think everyone from my generation had a Colin the caterpillar cake at one point or another. I really want to recreate these moments of hedgehog/colin caterpillar inspired birthday bliss for Holly. So when Holly was born I knew that I wanted to make her birthday cakes every year. I love baking, but no matter what happens the cake never turns out like I want it to. There’s always that element of pinterest fail where it doesn’t look like a Charm City cake and looks more like a cake that’s been dropped on the floor and icing’d back together.

Birthday cake one was a polka dot cake. Holly’s first birthday was a polka dot theme. Polka dots were simple, and she didn’t really know what was going on so this worked perfectly. It was covered in Vanilla buttercream icing, and despite me thinking this is the least impressive cake – Holly says this is still her favourite.

Birthday cake two was a sandcastle cake. We had a pool party for H’s second birthday and so I smashed what felt like a hundred digestive biscuits to make cake ‘sand’ and plastered it on top of buttercream to make a sandcastle. It was rustic and anything but perfect – but she loved it.

Cake three was a pinterest inspired cake and I had a little help making Peppa Pig and all her family. It’s the cake I’m probably most proud of because it actually looked like I imagined. As in – it wasn’t a mess of digestive biscuits!

Cake Four consisted of a slightly droopy and stocky looking Snow White. Her head was the first thing eaten at the party and then it looked more like a halloween cake than a birthday cake.

The fifth creation followed a pink and shopkins theme. I scaled back the two tier creations and went for something a LOT more simple! I mean – if smarties and polka dots are impressive maybe it two tier creations were a bit over the top!


They’ve all been a bit unique in their own way. Some have been a bit of a mess if we’re being totally honest, but no matter what they’ve looked like, Holly’s eyes have lit up with birthday joy when the candles were lit and we all sing ‘Happy Birthday’. I don’t know if she’ll develop the ‘buttercream bliss’ feeling but she’s certainly learning to get her orders in early.

Next year apparently we’re making a Hello Kitty cake. I’m sure that will be ‘unique’ just like all the others – but then if it’s smothered in buttercream I know I certainly won’t mind!




Review by Holly: I like the bit at the top with the flags. And I also like the smarties, smarties taste nice. This is my favourite because it has flags at the top.  cake-90

Review by Holly: I like the candles, this one doesn’t have a number on it -just two candles, I like that. cake

Review by Holly: I like that the three was at the side. The kids are at the top and mummy and daddy pig are in the mud – that’s nice. The grandad and grandma should sit on the grass because they don’t need to get muddy. birthday cakes

Review from Holly: I like that my name had little white dots on. And you’ve put three candles on one side and one on the other – plus the number four has a red frill.  cake-89

Review by Holly: I like the little flowers with my name letters in. I also like cookie-cookie closing her eyes. The flower on the strawberry is pretty too.

HollyBirthday-13-2 HollyBirthday-14-2 HollyBirthday-15-2 HollyBirthday-16 HollyBirthday-17 HollyBirthday-18 HollyBirthday-19 ombre cake, shopkins cake


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