Magical Lantern Festival – Leeds

Magical Lantern Festival – Leeds



You may not know but… Roundhay Park has been transformed!

The Magical Lantern Festival has arrived in Roundhay Park, Leeds and it is a blooming marvellous night out. I saw the event on one of those facebook adverts you try not to get sucked into. But I clicked. I bought tickets and in my humble opinion the festival is well worth a visit this festive season.

I actually ended up buying tickets on what I didn’t realise was opening night. Even so, it wasn’t insanely busy. Tickets are allocated with a time slot which means there is a steady flow of people around both sites. The festival is split in the gardens at Tropical World and the Rose Garden. The lanterns are a huge mix of different themes. There are dragons, pandas, flowers and sea scenes. Holly loved seeing all the different shapes and colours, it was lovely watching her face light up and the excitement she had as we were walking around. The walk is about a mile and a half and took us about an hour and thankfully the weather was cold but perfectly crisp and dry.

If you arrive hungry there is whole array of food trucks by the entrance – be warned though, food is expensive! A cheese dog will set you back £6, a German sausage £5 or if you can’t resist the Greek gyros wraps it’ll be £7. There is a geniusly placed marshmallow stand half way around the Rose Garden where you can buy amazingly flavoured marshmallows and toast them on a fire pit. The toasted coconut one was a definite hit for us. Most of the lanterns are roped off so you can only view them from a distance but there are a few where you can get up close and really admire the detail.


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The festival is open for the next month (until 2nd January 2017) Thursday to Sunday each week and then open everyday during Christmas half term holidays apart from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Tickets are £12.50 per adult and £8.50 per child when booked in advance. If you fancy a wintery walk and some beautiful lanterns then this is an excellent evening out.


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