Let’s go Fly a Kite

Let’s go Fly a Kite

There are certain activities that every childhood should involve.

Simple things like climbing trees, catching crabs and playing pooh sticks. They’re activities that teach you to love being outside and enjoy the British weather.

In a recent conversation with my class we realised that half of them didn’t know what ‘pooh sticks’ was – believe me we had some interesting suggestions – but nearly half of them? I was suprised!

The conversation turned to the National Trusts ’50 things to do before you’re 11 and 3/4′. Not many of them knew about the National Trust or the list, so we spent the next while looking through the list and realising that lots of them didn’t spend much time outside climbing trees and star gazing. They spent more time realising that building mansions out of wood on Minecraft was a poor building material choice.

It got me thinking about how many of these activities I’d done with Holly… there weren’t as many as I thought there would be! So, to rectify this we decided to set ourselves a bit of a challenge over the next few months to start ticking some of the activities off the list.

Starting with – Flying a Kite.

The thing I love is that the National Trust allow you to upload photos and memories from each activity and keep a diary of the events!


We flew our first kite in Robin Hoods Bay and at Whitby. It wasn’t anything fancy, in fact it cost £2 from a toy shop in the bay. I was skeptical she was even going to fly – but she did – and she was named ‘Dolly’.

Holly loved her! She soon realised that running towards the kite wasn’t as effective as running away from it and that she could ‘save’ her kite by giving it a firm tug as Dolly headed towards the floor. I was impressed how quickly she picked it up.

There was a near catastrophe when Dolly nearly tangled herself around the Captain Cook monument at the top of Whitby… I don’t think the ole Captain was impressed…

Although, then it seemed Dolly had plans for new adventures and with a swift triple somersault, the kite line snapped and Dolly was gone. Thank goodness for quick parental stories about how Dolly had gone off to fly with the seagulls…

Is kite flying that ends with needing a new kite a success? I’m not sure!

If you’d like to lose a kite at the seaside we’d suggest:

  1. Finding a tall hill
  2. Wait for a strong sea breeze
  3. Buy a kite thats £2 (or less)
  4. Anger Captain Cook.


Next on the list: Catching a Crab!



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