Just Visiting: Yorkshire Arboretum

Just Visiting: Yorkshire Arboretum

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That’s how you say ‘Arboretum’.

Even though for weeks I’ve been saying Ar-bor-tor-ee-um. I know, makes no sense right! But sometimes I skim read, I get things wrong and this was just one of those occasions.

I don’t know why I’ve never heard of the Arboretum before. I love outdoorsy, family days out. I love walking and gardens. So when it came to my attention I scheduled a date to go. A good friend of mine was married in Settrington (which is 20 minutes from Castle Howard) perfect – we tied the two in together. I was almost a little surprised that a place this big, and this lovely hadn’t popped up on my radar before now. It was a Wowcher offer that caught my eye – Wowcher is useful for somethings apart from clogging up my inbox. Who’d have thought?

Finding the Arboretum was a doddle. It was incredibly easy to find and really well sign posted. This is always a HUGE plus when going somewhere new. Large signs, arrows and tourist boards – we salute you when navigating uncharted territory on a day out somewhere new.


So… what is it?

I didn’t know what the word Arboretum meant either! I can tell you now… because I Googled. It’s a botanical garden devoted to trees. I’ve never been in a 120 acre garden, but that’s what it is. The Arboretum is set in the parkland around Castle Howard and is jam packed full of trees, wild flowers and a couple of lakes. There are over 6,000 trees. 6,000!

I don’t know much about trees – specifically I mean. But… they give you a map! Which turns you into a tree genius! Plus there are some very handy little information boards on your way round.




If you’re not all that interested in trees there’s a cool Bird Observatory where you can sit and watch birds. Yup – it’s pretty self explanatory. Even if you don’t see much there are some cool benches with very comfortable bottom grooves. Life’s simple pleasures!

untitled-3 untitled-4

It’s a very serene place. The kind of place I can imagine coming when I needed to walk off a really bad mood. On a cloudy Sunday morning we saw a few other groups of walkers, a few families and couples but that was it in an hour. It was so calm!

An hour – that’s how long it took us to walk round. I suppose we do have quite long legs, so we destroyed the 1.5 to 2 hour route. Not that we were rushing – it was too beautiful to sprint round! There were so many wild flowers, it’s so different from a structured walled garden and I liked that.

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Price wise – it’s not at all unreasonable – and that’s coming from a Yorkshire lass.

Adult £7
Junior (age 12-16) £3.50
Family (2+2) £17.50
Under 12 years FREE

However our Wowcher voucher got us two people for £7 – worth snapping up while it’s around. Can’t say no to a bargin! I mean… just have a look at the views we saw!
untitled-13 untitled-14 untitled-15
untitled-17 untitled-18 untitled-19 untitled-20
untitled-22 untitled-23 untitled-24
untitled-26 untitled-27 untitled-28

All good walks call for a cake/coffee/snack break. I’d love to be a hobbit and get to snack six times a day. The cafe is lovely – full of enormous home made cakes and bakes. They also do sandwiches and meals. Perfect for an end of walk stop off. If it’s sunny you may even get to sit outside. Which in England is kinda unlikely but it’s always nice to be hopeful.

Anyway – long story short…

Would we recommend it – yes.
Is it beautiful, luscious and pretty – yes.
Should you go – yes.

The end.

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All thoughts and opinions are our own. 


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