Just Visiting: York Chocolate Story

Just Visiting: York Chocolate Story


Why is it always raining when you plan an epic day trip?

The weather forecast had lied.


I’d planned it all, we’d caught the 10am train to York, we were going to walk on the wall, wander down the canal and then… it blooming rained. Trip Advisor can be a girls best friend in such situations. I quickly discovered there was a chocolate museum in York.

Chocolate? 4 year old? Sold. Wham, bam, thank you ma’am, £20 later (£10.95 for an adult and £8.95 for a child) we were waiting by the lift to start our adventure at York Chocolate Story.

I have to say I was rather impressed with it all. The smell the whole way round is enough to lull you into a trance, I won’t spoil all the best bits for you, but did you know:

  • You should NEVER put chocolate in the fridge, it ruins the taste.
  • The Aztecs went to war over chocolate
  • York has a huge chocolate history
  • Raspberry cream filled chocolates taste SO good when they’re made right in front of you and eaten immediately.
  • Your toddler will think you’re awesome when you visit the gift shop.


p.s – this isn’t a paid post. We actually went because it actually rained in typical British fashion. Plus I actually think I gained weight just from breathing in the air for two hours!

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