Just Visiting: Tree Top Nets – Ripon

Just Visiting: Tree Top Nets – Ripon


‘I give it 100 out of 10’*

Seriously, that’s a pretty good review.

On average I’d say swimming probably gets a 9 out of 10, play gyms are an 11 but Tree Top Nets – you’ve scored 100.

Job. Well. Done.

*this quote came from an elated 5 year old from the end of a very bouncy bouncing session. 


If you’ve read a few of our blog posts, you’ll know that I love a family day out. I love a plan, a day trip and the chance to have fun. As much as I feel guilty that I often live for the weekend, it does mean that we make the most of our weekends. I love planning well in advance and having something splendid to look forward to.

Sooo…. long story short, when we we got the opportunity to visit Tree Top Nets I was rather excited. I may have done a 30 second happy dance. I mean… This is right up our street. Outdoors, active, exercise and fun. YES!
treetop-4 treetop-5 treetop-6 treetop-7 treetop-8

Tree Top Nets is located in Ripon, right next door to Lightwater Valley. Now let me offer a piece of friendly advice, when the website tells you not to follow the sat nav, don’t follow the sat nav. We ended up on a road that clearly stated it was ‘unsuitable for motor vehicles’. Did we drive down that road anyway… maybe. But hey – we lived to tell the tale.
So friendly advice, go to the main entrance of Lightwater Valley and follow the very suitable road from there. The staff will tell you the same thing when you arrive looking confused and bewildered about how difficult it was to find the entrance.



There was plenty of space to park and the staff were super friendly. On arrival we were given wristbands that allow you to jump for up to two hours during busy periods. Beth (one of the staff) gave us a health and safety briefing and gave us some tips about starting out and getting used to bouncing. I’m not going to lie, as soon as Beth was done we were off! We raced over and grabbed our slide bags and zoomed up into the under 7’s zone.

The under 7’s zone allows younger ones the chance to bounce and find their feet in a much smaller space. There’s also a slide in the under 7’s zone so you can get your slide on! At first the slides look a little steep, but H showed no fear, she was down like a shot. The slides are fast! I know, because I wanted to have a go as much as Holly. This is definitely not just a day out where kids play and adults sit on the side lines. You’ve got to get stuck in, it’s too tempting not to!

treetop-20 treetop-21 treetop-22 treetop-23treetop-26treetop-27treetop-25

There are a ton of different zones to explore. We were like kids on Christmas morning! Holly was running at top speed and at some points she was difficult to keep up with. There’s a crows nest, a high hopscotch, conkers, tunnels, slides and a big ball zone.

We love a bit of friendly competition. Beth informed us the high hopscotch was incredibly difficult and she hadn’t managed it in the year she’d been working there. Not one to be easily beaten, I tried several times and failed! It’s hard to bounce and hop at the same time.

Holly… straight on and straight through. Again, and again and again! She’s a natural. I love watching her grow in confidence as she tries new things and succeeds.
treetop-11 treetop-12 treetop-13 treetop-14treetop-16 treetop-17 treetop-18


I’ve been to other, similar outdoor activity locations but I loved the fact you’re so free at Treetop Nets. You don’t have a harness or a helmet, you don’t need to clip on and off safety lines – you’re free! Free to run around, explore, bounce and play. The slides are honestly fantastic. Such a great addition to the experience. They’re like little exit chutes! There’s also a crawl tunnel from the main slide zone to the exercise ball zone.

The ball zone was fantastic! An impromptu game of dodgeball became very manic when everyone, including the staff joined in. Holly took quite a few balls but she bounded straight back up and was laughing like a banshee. This was definitely our favourite zone where we spent the most time.


treetop-19treetop-29 treetop-31


I liked the extra touches. The drinking fountain, the picnic tables and the cafe. It’s very family friendly. Your wristband even gets you a 10% discount in the Lightwater Valley coffee shop. Winning! Altogether it feels very well thought out, organised and super safe.

treetop-32 treetop-33 treetop-34treetop-36 treetop-37 treetop-40 treetop-42 treetop-43 treetop-44 treetop-45


Let’s talk about the price. Cost is a huge factor when it come to family days out. Things add up quickly when food, petrol and ticket entry are taken into account. At Treetop Nets the prices are: Children 3-4 are £13.00 each, 5-6 are £20.00 each, 7-17 are £20.00 each), adults 18+ are  £20.00 each and the adult Supervisor (have to be 18+) are £13.00 each.

So for 2 adults and a child of 5 it would usually cost £53. Which I completely see isn’t cheap! Before we went I think it would have been saved for a ‘special occasion’ type of trip. However, after visiting I can really see the value for money. We were advised we’d be there about two hours. At quiet times you have free run of the site until you’re bounced out. We were there three and a half hours and could have easily stayed longer. We were still having a whale of a time but our legs we’re shattered!

If you take a picnic and book an early slot you can easily stay most of the day. So despite the slightly pricey price tag I felt it was well worth it! We would definitely go back.

treetop-46treetop-48 treetop-49 treetop-51 treetop-52treetop-54 treetop-55 treetop-56 treetop-57 treetop-58 treetop-59 treetop-60


Like Holly said, ‘100 out of 10’. What a cracking score!

We were given our tickets to Tree Top Nets free of charge. However all our thoughts and opinions in this post are our own. 


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