Just Visiting: Scarborough Fair Collection

Just Visiting: Scarborough Fair Collection

There’s a wonderful feeling going back to places you’ve been before. A sense of nostalgia. Old memories stirred.

It’s something that draws me back to childhood places, day trips and holiday spots. It’s part of the reason I chose Scarborough for our little easter ‘girls get away’. We’ve been to Scarborough many, many times growing up and are still visiting now.

However – all that said – I do still like to dip my toes in new waters and take a risk on something new. On our recent girls trip we took a risk on trying a new museum.

We went to visit the Scarborough Fair Collection. The museum advertises itself as a collection of fairground rides and organs from all over Europe. I love old fashioned fairground rides, and Holly adores rides so it seemed like a good fit.

Plus, on a rainy day who can say no to a beautiful carousel?

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The collection cost £7.50 to get in as an adult and Holly was free, as all under 6’s are. The museum starts in the shop and with a hallway of old fairground mirrors that are 100 years old. Holly thought these were brilliant and kept laughing at her ‘tiny legs’ in the reflection.

I wasn’t really sure what to  expect when we opened the next door but we walked into a HUGE ballroom. Every wall covered in organs and light. It was lovely – with the cutest little cafe. We helped ourselves to some rocky road and an egg custard, don’t mind if we do. The drinks are a bit on the pricey side at £1.80 for a cup of tea.

Then we opened the doors into the wonderland of lights, fairground rides and a pound coin spending spree. Starting with the most beautiful 1893 Victorian carousel. I have always loved Carousels, they’re elegant and romantic. I love the colours and the names of the horses and Holly was full of glee. The ‘Golden Gallop’ runs every hour on the hour, and like most of the other rides there it’s £1 a ride. Well worth it. We did overhear some people complaining that paying an entrance fee should make the rides free of charge – which I kind of understand… until you see that these rides are works of art, polished to perfection and so well cared for. What’s £1?!

There are some lovely rides. There’s a mini carousel that had to be turned by hand – amazing!


On the way in we bought some old pennies so we could play the penny arcade. It was so beautifully quaint and magical. There were jukeboxes, puppet shows and race games. Holly loved the puppet show and at ten old pennies for £1 it’s a steal.

The next big ride was the ‘Thriller’ which runs on every half hour. It was full of gorgeous hand painted animals and was so much faster than I expected. Hold onto your hats!

The rest of the rides just run on request, ask a volunteer and they’ll open it up for you. I loved the feel of the place. It was so open and welcoming. We ended up staying nearly four hours. The Scarborough Fair Collection comes highly recommended and has our stamp of approval for sure!


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  1. Lynne Day
    17th April 2018 / 7:12 am

    Love Scarborough. We had our honeymoon in a caravan on the Flower of May so it’s is a special place for me and dad. Lovely blog, will have to go and visit for ourselves.

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