Just Visiting: Lightwater Valley

Just Visiting: Lightwater Valley

What would your idea of a perfect day be?

Pre-parenting – mine would be very different to what it is now. Now a perfect day would be one of those where nothing goes wrong and you have everything you need.

Wet wipes – got ’em!

Snacks – got ’em!

Raincoats – got ’em!

Spare pants – got ’em!

Actually – not where nothing goes wrong, that sounds negative, it’s where everything feels like it goes right!

This blog is about one of those days. On our summer bucket list Holly added ‘go on fair ground rides’. One day last week we decided to tick this one off and head to Lightwater Valley.

I allllwwwaaaays worry with theme parks that we’re just going to spend the whole day queuing. When you’re 5, even a fifteen minute queue seems like a life time. However, we decided to take the risk and go for it anyway.

You may also know there are other theme parks available… we went for Lightwater Valley as it’s only an hour from us. It was also a good price. At £20 a ticket it was cheaper than the aforementioned alternatives and seemed very family friendly. I was very nearly swayed by the VIP tickets where for an extra £15 you get perks such as a meal deal, a ride photo and snacks. In the end I’m really glad we didn’t bother. It wouldn’t have added that much to our day and would have made the tickets a lot more pricey.


We did not need to worry about queuing at all! The park was super quiet. I kept thinking it would get busier later, or that it was because the weather wasn’t too cheery – but it was super quiet all day. We had to wait 6 minutes for one ride and that was our longest queue. Most of the rides we walked straight on and Holly was the only rider! It was amazing!

We ended up running around the park like a pair of loons and going on rides again, and again and again. We’d get to the end of rides and it was so quiet they let us go again! It was a dream!

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What if you’re not a fan of rides?

Lightwater Valley have catered for that too. They built a huge Angry Birds activity park which is a fabulous play park with an inside area too. I loved that even though the park is huge, it’s mostly built of glass paneled sections so you can see your little one even though they’re exploring.

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There is also a falconry centre on site. I’ve seen several similar shows but this one was amazing as the birds flew right over your head and the trainer knew so much about the animals. Plus it was around 15 minutes long which is great for little fidgety feet at the end of the day.

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A sign of a good day out for me is whether or not we’d go back. The answer here was definitely!

We had a fabulous day out and absolutely loved being able to get on so many rides.

Things we didn’t like:

  • You need to take cash. We couldn’t buy a ride photo in the end because lots of the booths aren’t card friendly and i never carry cash!
  • Parts of the park are a little outdated and rickety. The carousel was SO squeaky!
  • There are lots of ‘tin can alley’ and ‘basketball’ type activities in the part where you’d have to pay more.
  • Food is pricey and if you take a pack up we couldn’t find anywhere inside to eat.

Things we loved:

  • The staff were super friendly, chatty and happy to talk.
  • The price – it was an affordable family day out that didn’t break the bank.
  • There were lots of rides for younger riders. Even though Holly is only 1.1m there were only 5 things she couldn’t go on.
  • There are play parks and other options for tots or those that don’t like rides.
  • It was SO quiet and we really got our moneys worth.

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Every month we try to have a Mother daughter date and this one was our August edition. I’d have to say it was the best one yet! We both came out happy and skipping! If you follow us on instagram you may have seen our Instagram story of the day. If you haven’t I’ve popped it in below – Holly is so cute!

Definitely a place we’d recommend!

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  1. 16th August 2017 / 10:01 pm

    I love the idea of a mother and daughter monthly date. I try to do something similar with Clio but it doesn’t always come off. Lightwater sounds like excellent value for money, especially considering you didn’t need to queue for long, though I worry for them that this is a sign they are not doing too well. It looks like there is something for all ages from older kids to little ones. I’d certainly pay a visit if we were near.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

    • BeckyBrightSide
      29th August 2017 / 10:32 am

      Ours don’t always always work out either! But we do our best.
      I agree – I was a little worried they may not be making the money they need, but regardless we had a lovely day and the queuing times made it so much more enjoyable!

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