Here’s to 6!


I know, I know… It’s what everyone says ‘the time has flown’, or ‘I can’t believe she’s this old’ and ‘She’s grown up so fast’.

Cliche – maybe a little… but it’s just so true.

When you spend such a long time with the tiny humans you sometimes forget that they’re growing up, that everyday they get a little bit taller, wiser, funnier and kinder.

I get a little emotional and sentimental around birthdays. H is an end of summer baby, so we always welcome in her birthday at the end of a fabulous summer and ready to start another school year. It’s not just another number, it’s another set of adventures, memories and it’s frightening that we’re already at 6. Are we going to get to 16 just as fast?

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Six years ago today I became a mother. I don’t think I realised at the time how much Holly would change me as a person. I didn’t realise how much our emotions would become intertwined. That when she falls, or hurts – it hurts us too. When she succeeds or triumphs – there’s no joy like it.

I didn’t realise there would be no going back – I’d never feel the same without her. The second she arrived the world changed. I remember the labour – oh the pain – but I also remember that feeling when there she was, on the bottom of a birthing pool she just appeared. All squishy and calm. I remember how she opened her eyes and she was just perfect. I still have that feeling now.

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I also didn’t realise that I’d gained a little friend. People keep telling me it will change. One day she’ll realise we’re not super cool anymore and she won’t want to hang out with ‘just us’, but for now, she’s such amazing company. She’s kind, sensitive and genuinely hilarious!

Plus she makes me feel like I’m a comedian. I pull one face and she’s in stitches – it’s quality!

She looks at the world in a unique way. Like when we’re in the park and she worries about squirrels, ‘They’ll get wet mummy, we should make them raincoats’.




You definitely give up a lot when you become a parent – but you gain so much more. Re-living life again and getting to experience all those things you loved as a child – well – there’s nothing quite like it (in my humble opinion).


The last few years lots has changed for Holly. Starting school at four and four days was a big worry. She was so young compared to her peers and I think she missed the easy breezy routine of part-time nursery. However, the last year she’s taken school in her stride. Her confidence has grown so much, in October she applied to be a school councillor and gave a speech in front of her whole class. The same class then voted her in. She was brilliant!

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She’s made some lovely new friends this year and it’s been a stream of parties and social events. Some of these friends are moving up with her into Year 2. Year 2! Her last year in the infants – we’re here already.


That’s what I’m going to be saying next year, and the year after…

I definitely know that the little things now are the ‘big’ things. One day all the cards and drawings she makes aren’t going to be for me.

I hope when she ‘grows up’ she still wants to be an astronaut, a doctor, a nail painter or a taxi-driver.

Here’s to the next marvellous year of being 6!

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