Gift Guide for a Seven Year Old

Gift Guide for a Seven Year Old


It’s so easy to go over board for birthdays, christmas and other special present buying occasions! I know because my sister-in-law is about to have a baby shower and I literally want to buy everything! No, it’s not because I’m pregnant, hormonal and cry in the Sainsbury’s baby clothes aisle because everything is SO cute. It’s not… seriously…

There are so many super cool things out there in this big wide world of ours – when do you say enough is enough? It’s tough – because we adore and love these little human beings so much, that we want to make sure they have the best birthdays possible. It’s why I’ve been found doing crazy things like making fake birthday cake sand, finding bucket shaped party bags and wrapping presents at 2am around August 29th. It’s just what us crazy parents do! We always want the tiny humans to have had the BEST time!

I used to set a budget… and do my very best to stick to it (often failing)… but then one christmas I saw a little rhyme from Jen at MumintheMadHouse about Christmas buying and we now try to stick to something similar for birthdays. The birthday one goes like this…


It’s a brilliant idea! A well balanced list with a little bit of everything. It’s nice to have a few different bits and bobs with stuff to eat, read, make and even something they need rather than want. There’s always something that falls into the ‘one more thing’ category, when you just can’t help buying something you know they’ll love. There’s no guilt in that, but I HATE the feeling of having bought too much!


So here’s what we bought this lovely seven year old this year…

Something they want

OK – This is something I would NEVER have bought had Holly not raved about it. Yes… it’s a unicone. A unicorn that poops icing, icre-cream and anything else you can put inside it. Yes – I know, ridiculous. But for seven year olds obsessed with unicorns and rainbows it’s a real big hit!


Something they need

A lunch box! Holly moves into the juniors this year. She’s moving into Year 3 (argh! scary thought) which means no more free school meals. Boo!
So a lovely lunch box was in order – I picked this one up in the Spring Cath Kids sale and love it! We have an old one on stand by for when the lunch box doesn’t make it home and starts growing green fluff. I work in a school – I know what happens to lunch boxes!


Something to wear

This child is like a bean sprout at the minute. She’s just getting taller and taller – so many of last years clothes don’t fit now. An autumn update was a must! So she’s been restocked with t-shirts, leggings and tights. Please stop growing!


Something to read

Holly’s reading is incredible now. She can tackle almost anything and takes great pleasure in reading books to herself. I like to keep her on her toes with something new and interesting. We picked up this ‘General Knowledge – lift the flap’ book from Sainsbury’s and it’s gorgeous!

Seven seems to be the age where Holly has really started to love jokes. She gets ‘play-on-words’ and already has a joke book she loves but we got another one to add to her collection.


Something to make

Patience is definitely something Holly has. She loves crafting and making new things. Melissa and Doug do these cool ‘sticker-by-number’ packs. We’ve had one before that was an under the sea theme. It was gorgeous and now hangs in our bathroom. So we went for another one on a fairy theme.

Also, I love gifts that are a bit different and more open ended. Having a girl doesn’t mean everything has to be pink and cute. So we also bought some M-Tic to try something new and get Holly thinking outside the box.


Something to eat

Usually this would be something chocolate or sweets, but this year Squishies are all the rage at school and in Holly’s friendship circle. If you don’t know what a squishy is, it’s a stress ball that looks super cute. They come in all shapes and sizes – so we bought food themed squishies. You can’t eat them, but they’re food themed so we didn’t buy any extra treats for this gift.


One More Thing

A Fingerling. Yes, it’s the furby of today. These were super expensive around Christmas time but will now set you back around £15-18. If you can cope with the strange supposedly ‘cute’ noises then these are a great seven year old gift! It’s basically an interactive toy that makes around 40 sounds and it’s a unicorn – winning!


Something for the Family

If I could adapt the list at all I’d always chuck in something for the family, something that makes time to sit and do something together. As a bit of an extra indulgence this year I bought a few new games. I wasn’t sure what was any good, and games can be quite expensive. So I asked this question on my facebook page and got some amazing responses. We bought Linkee, Exploding Kittens and Labyrinth. All of which we can’t wait to play!

We love Don’t Panic, Jenga and Dobble – so these will add to the games collection.


So there you have it, our seven year old birthday gift guide.

How do you go about buying gifts for birthdays or Christmas? Is there any method to the madness?

Maybe this cute rhyme is madness in itself? Who knows.

If you need me I’ll probably be found welling up in the baby clothes aisle anyway…

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