DIY: Three Finished Bedrooms

DIY: Three Finished Bedrooms


Oh my goodness!

They’re all done. All our bedrooms are finally done! Wahoooooo!

This weekend we put Holly’s desk in place, today I built a desk chair for Holly – and we’re finished. We can now officially put the paint brushes away, retire the sugar soap and stop finding layers of dust EVERYWHERE!

It’s lovely, wonderful and AMAZING to be able to sit back now, relax and admire what we’ve done. It’s fabulous making a house a home!

So, what have we done?


Main Bedroom

When we first moved in I wasn’t sure about any of the fitted wardrobes in any of the rooms. I very much wanted to just pull everything out, have a blank canvas and put in our own things. Mike, being the sensible one could really see the value in having all of that storage and the cost it would take to replace a whole wall of fitted wardrobes. So we left them in, and I’ve accessorised our light, and mirror to match and surprisingly, I don;t mind them at all now!


I wanted our room to be cosy and warm, so we ordered quite a few grey paint samples from Crown. We agreed on a warm grey with a hint of coffee. In the end, after doing a LOT of reading we colour matched at Valspar from B&Q.
The paint was fabulous – we did two coats but it could have survived with one. I would definitely recommend it!

The only thing we want now is some more art work for the walls but I can’t decide if I want photos or art…
I have always wanted a dressing table and would definitely recommend shopping around for the bits you want. We ended up finding a dressing table and bedside cabinets from eBay for £100. This was so much more affordable than buying furniture from elsewhere!

Paint – Valspar
Blinds – John Lewis
Snuzpod – John Lewis
Frame & Mirror – Tk Maxx
Dressing Table and Bedside Tables – eBay


Holly’s Room

Holly’s room was the same in terms of fitted wardrobes, and again we decided to keep them. We stripped the wallpaper and replastered. We’ve painted the nursery and three of Holly’s walls the same colour to keep things neutral. Then we took Holly to the Valspar colour counter, you know the one with the million choices of colour card and let her choose one. She picked about twelve, and then she settled on ‘Lively Lilac’. Which we painted the feature wall behind her bed.

Holly’s vision was for a ‘Rainbow Unicorn Room’. We found some lovely unicorn bedding at Asda one day when we were shopping and then bought some rainbow wall spots from Amazon that Hollt stuck up herself. We had to help her with the ones to put around the top of her walls but she loves them.

We changed the lights to something a bit more modern and really struggled to find wall lights with a switch on them. Iconic lights we found online and they’re great. I’d definitely use them again.

I really wanted Holly to have  desk in her room so she has somewhere to do all her crafting and homework for years to come. She loves her new space and it’s nice she has had so much of a say in it. I do feel glad she chose ‘lively lilac’ and not ‘storm black’ though!

Wall Lights and strip lights – Iconic Lights
Unicorn Bedding – Asda
Light Fitting – John Lewis
Paint – Valspar
Rug, desk and picture shelves – Ikea
Wall stickers – Amazon
Blinds – John Lewis

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The nursery was the project that kick started all of our DIY. We needed to transform it from an office to a space for our impending bundle of joy. It was originally a home office and is a little box room. By taking out the built in desk we were able to fit in a changing table and cot bed that our wonderful friends and family have sent given to us.

We painted the room in a warm cream again from Valspar and accessorised with a grey light. I really wanted to fit in a chair for feeding which was a bit of a struggle with it being a small room but we managed to find a bucket chair that even has rockers! Winner!

It’s one of my favourite rooms in the house right now, when we turn on the lamp and the lighting is low it’s a real snug zone. We’re just ready for a tiny human to start to occupy it now 🙂 Plus, having a cot bed means she’ll be able to stay in it for a good few years.

Light – John Lewis
Mobile – Mamas and Papas
Blinds – John Lewis
Furniture – Friends and Family 🙂


Voila! Done and dusted!
Would I do all three rooms again – yes! Even though it’s been hard work and a bit stressful at times. It’s such a sense of accomplishment being able to sit back and look at what we’ve done now.

Next project – birth a baby!


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