Date Day in York

Date Day in York

Every month. Or at least thats the goal…

At the start of the year I made the goal to take H on a ‘mother daughter date’ at least once a month. So that in the middle of our crazy schedule and trying to find a work life balance, we ensure we always have quality time together.

Sometimes our dates are planned a long time in advance and other times we just go with the flow – or the good weather – whatever we have! Today was a good weather day. It was a Saturday where we hadn’t made plans. We woke up and had our usual hour long Saturday bath – seriously, it always takes at least an hour! The weather was too good to pass up so we hopped on the train and headed to York.

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Speaking of the train – I’ve always been a fan of public transport. However, we recently purchased a ‘Family and Friends Railcard’. I’d never even heard of one before it was recommended to us by a train conductor. It’s fab – usually it would cost us £30 return to york but with our railcard it cost us £16! What a saving!

We managed to book tickets to London later in the summer for £52 return for two adults and a child – return! Well worth checking out if you’re a fan of the ole train.

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We made plans about what we were going to do while we were on the train. Clifford’s Tower was the top of the list. Of course this had to be right over the other side of York from the train station – although it was great for our daily step count! Holly was a trooper and spent the whole day walking around the city without complaint!

She hopped up all the steps of Clifford’s Tower like it was no trouble at all. The view from the top was amazing. Honestly, the weather was perfect! Clear skies and a view for miles. We spotted the Victorian carousel while we were at the top of the tower and that become our next stop.

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I have always loved carousels. They’re perfectly whimsical and romantic. Plus they give you that great ‘wind in the hair look’ where you don’t end up swallowing your hair like you do on other rides! When I was a teen I went on a carousel by the Eiffel Tower and I adored it. There was a horse called ‘Rebecca’ and it just seemed too good to be true. We went back on other holidays over the years and it was always something I looked forward to.

Holly took great care choosing her horse. It reminded me a little bit of myself. We eventually settled on one and spent the next little while lost in a world of twirling music.



We did a bit of girly shopping, including a trip to the Disney store! I tried to balance this out with a visit to ‘The Shop That Must Not Be Named’, however the hour long queue was a massive disappointment. I’ve always been a massive Harry Potter fan but I can’t imagine H would have been impressed at being made to wait an hour to be wowed by spells and chocolate frogs.

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We had a lovely wander down the river, in the memorial garden and didn’t get anywhere near the Railway museum as we’d planned. It was perfect.

I definitely think this is the kind of New Year’s Resolution I can stick to!



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