Christmas we love you…





… because you know just how to provide the perfect amount of beautiful fairy light lighting.

… because you allow us to be childlike when we gnaw carrots to look like reindeer teeth marks.

… because seeing the tree flowing with presents is always magical.


It’s easy to be grumpy, cynical and only see the commercial side of the season, but there are so many reasons to love Christmas.

This year I have adored seeing local pantomimes – I love sitting and chuckling at all the local humour. The Lawrence Batley Theatre didn’t let us down at all. We’ll definitely be going back next year.

I’ve enjoyed singing Christmas songs with H, we now know nearly all of the words to ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’ – if that isn’t something to be proud of then what is? After seeing recent performances I’d say we can sing it probably as well as Mariah herself (low blow?).

Wrapping and giving gifts is always magical. It’s become tradition to watch ‘The Holiday’ or ‘Love Actually’ while wrapping, which means I always end up crying and can’t see what I’m doing at all!

christmas-15 christmas-16 christmas-17 christmas-18 christmas-19 christmas-20 christmas-21


The food is always a highlight! Christmas breakfast, Christmas dinner, Christmas sandwiches, My traditional Christmas sandwich of turkey and ketchup made it’s annual appearance – of course.

It’s just lovely being able to sit down, eat food and find the time to stop letting the days pass by.

That’s what Christmas is about really isn’t it?

It’s either that or turkey and ketchup sandwiches.

christmas-30 christmas-31 christmas-32
christmas-34 christmas-35 christmas-36 christmas-37 christmas-38

christmas-47 christmas-49 christmas-50.




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