Can you change your birthday?

Can you change your birthday?

I don’t mean legally.

I won’t be petitioning the courts to become 21 again. If only…

I mean more – can you choose to change when to celebrate your birthday? Or is that just bizarre? Does it just fall when it falls and you get on with it. Or can you choose to celebrate your birthday at a different time of year?

Thoughts? Anyone?


You see, the reason I’m even thinking about this is – I have a Christmas time birthday. December 21st, four days before the big day itself. I have always moaned, complained and whined about the timing of it. Not only is December 21st the shortest day of the year but everyone is always busy, or stressed, or skint around my birthday. If you go out for dinner you’re offered the christmas menu and a cracker.



I used to blame my parents, not that they could do anything about it. I can’t say I was surprised that my mum had a little chuckle when I told her my own due date. Both my brothers got March birthdays but – not -me.

So we tend to let it pass by without much of a to-do.

But this year, it’s all different again. We’re expecting a baby, on December 19th.

Two days before my birthday.

My 30th birthday.

Oh. Dear.

I’d say that’s karma!


So, with no prosecco, champagne or glass of rum punch on the 30th birthday horizon this year or maybe any year – with the chance of sharing a birthday – I’m considering changing my birthday.

A six month move I think – from December 21st, to June 21st. Then it’s my half birthday and the new little lady can have the Christmas season all to herself.

I love birthdays, I love the candles, the two slices of cake, feeling special for the day. And you know what, dammit, we deserve to celebrate our birthdays! We spend all year working and planning, rushing and busy with family life, we deserve that one day a year to say – today is about ME! Right?

Am I crazy? What are your thoughts on changing birthdays?




  1. 13th November 2018 / 7:21 pm

    I think that’s a great idea. I would be tempted to move my birthday if it was so close to Christmas too.
    Good luck x

    • BeckyBrightSide
      18th November 2018 / 11:42 am

      Thank you! Good to know it doesn’t sound too crazy! Definitely considering the move to warm, sunny, beautiful June! Wahooo! xx

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