5 Things to Try in Dublin

5 Things to Try in Dublin



Been? Haven’t been?

If you’ve been – I’m presuming that you already love the city. You’ve been captured by it’s charm and character. If you haven’t been yet, then you need to add it to your bucket list, travel plans or wanderlust list.

If you are going, then here are 5 places you should definitely try or things you should definitely do.

  1. City Sightseeing Tour

You’re in a new city, you don’t really know your way around. You’re a tourist. If you’re happy to admit you are indeed a tourist then you might want to give City Sightseeing Dublin a go. It’s a big red bus in all it’s glory. The thing I love about bus tours is that it gives you a real sense of the city and it helps you very quickly get your bearings. If you book online there is a 15% discount on a 48 hour ticket – which makes 48 hours only €18.70 for an adult ticket. The advantage of a 48 hour tickets is that you can try different bus routes and use your ticket to visit different sights around the city over two days. 

City sightseeing are very tourist friendly. You can often spot a member of staff in a red jacket and they’re more than happy to give you advice, directions or a free city map.

city sightseeing tour dublin

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2. The Guinness Storehouse

You’re in Dublin – can you say no to a pint of Guinness?
I’m not a huge love of the black stuff, but when in Ireland…

I found the history, culture and stories associated with the Guinness Storehouse fascinating. If you like a bit of culture and a great atmosphere then the Storehouse is well worth a visit. It’s one of the more expensive tours and attractions in Dublin. The cheapest entry for 2 adults is €28, at peak times it rises to around €38.

Booking online is really handy as you’ll avoid the lengthy queues and walk straight in and on to your tour. The Storehouse is about a mile out of Dublin centre. City Sightseeing do run an occasional shuttle bus  straight from the centre to St. James’s Gate.

Every tour includes a complimentary pint. You can either choose to visit the academy and learn how to pull your own pint, or head up to the 7th floor and visit the bar with a 360 degree view. Both are lovely!!

There is so much to see in the museum – you need a least 3 hours. It really is worth the cost.

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3. Kilmainham Gaol

Kilmainham Gaol is a national Irish monument. Due to this, pre-booking on tours is essential during the summer months. An adult tour ticket is €7 and is worth every penny. If you can’t get tour tickets you can still visit the gaol museum.

Kilmainham closed it’s doors in the 1920’s, however the stories it has to tell are incredible. Prisoners from the Easter Rising and of political importance were held in Kilmainham. The tour guides are so knowledgeable and really bring the place to life. The gaol was left to decay for 30 year before being restored by volunteers. There is almost a church like reverent feeling as you walk around the gaol. I was so impressed and would definitely visit again.

Dublin-86 Dublin-87 Dublin-88 Dublin-89 Dublin-90 Dublin-91 Dublin-92 Dublin-93 Dublin-94 Dublin-95 Dublin-96 Dublin-97 Dublin-98 Dublin-99 Dublin-100 Dublin-101 Dublin-102 Dublin-103 Dublin-104 Dublin-105 Dublin-107 Dublin-109 Dublin-112 Dublin-113 Dublin-114 Dublin-115 Dublin-116 Dublin-117 Dublin-118

4. Dublin Literary Pub Crawl

If you fancy something a little bit different for an evening in Dublin then you could always try a pub crawl. Not one filled with wild 18 year olds – but there is a Literary Pub Crawl in Dublin.

Dublin is full of literary history, if you haven’t read Ulysses don’t worry – you’ll get the shortened version on the tour. The tour takes in four pubs and lasts for about 2.5 hours. Don’t go thinking your €12 per adult buys you any drinks though, you’re on your own coin there.

 If you’re expecting to win the end of tour quiz then you might want to consult Google. Unless you know all about Goldsmith and his nursery rhymes and the sports played by Oscar Wilde in his youth…

dublin literary pub crawl Dublin-855. Temple Bar

Ah – Temple Bar. The locals will tell you it’s super dooper expensive to drink here, and it is. However, the atmosphere is amazing! Every bar is full of live music, dancing and general merriment. It doesn’t matter what time of the day it is, you’ll be welcome in Temple Bar.

Our firm favourite was the Bad Ass Bar. We also visited The Quays, The Norseman and The Merchants Arch among others. You really can’t go too wrong in Temple Bar.

temple bar dublin, temple bar Dublin-28


Quick Tips:

  • The Dublin Bus service is excellent and runs like clockwork. If you want to jump on a bus they only accept coins, so notes won’t do. They do have excellent free wifi if you need to catch up on your holiday emails.
  • Two thirds of the people of Dublin live on the south side of the river and apparently if you want cheaper accommodation look on the north side.
  • You can buy a ‘Dublin Pass’ to enter a lot of the cities attractions if you’re planning to stay a while.
  • There are a lot of museums you can go to for free – check these out!
  • People are super friendly, if you’re lost or unsure just ask 🙂

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