Oh we do like to be…

Oh we do like to be…

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…beside the seaside!

Seaside donuts, sticks of rock, sandy hands and sea shells.

I don’t think there are many places greater than the British seaside. As a little girl all I wanted was to end up living by the sea. Huddersfield isn’t really by the sea – so until the seaside dream becomes a reality we love taking opportunities to visit the coast.

This weekend gave us the perfect chance to head to Filey. It was Mother’s Day weekend, the sun was shining and the beach was calling to us.

I find there’s a great nosttlalgia at the seaside. I love doing the same predictable things. We build sandcastles, paddle, collect shells and laugh at those crazy enough to swim in the March sea.


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My own earliest seaside memories are from Scarborough and long summer days spent on the east coast. Visiting Peasholm Park to watching the annual Naval Warfare was a highlight and something that I hope to show H this summer. We used to look longingly through the gates of Atlantis water park, wishing the weather would be warm enough for outdoor swimming. Dad would to buy us dried banana chips and bombay mix as we walked the mile between the bays.

The seaside creates a sense of togetherness, a chance for families and friends to relax and be together.
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Oh! and seafood! Fresh prawns and crab sticks that contain no crab.

All washed down with fish and chips, tomato ketchup, whippy ice-cream and seaside donuts. Donuts – warm, pillowy, sugar coated bliss. Can you really beat a seaside donut?
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I remember the last time I rode a seaside donkey – I was about eleven years old. I distinctly remember feeling like I was squashing the poor beast. It seemed to sink into the sand with every footstep – and I’ve never been on one since.

I do remember loving the slow, plodding feeling riding up and down the beach. This weekend H rode her first donkey. She didn’t squash it, but she hopped straight on with so much confidence it was as if she had done it a million times before. I had a proud mother moment watching her as she grinned away.


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So really… I guess this is me declaring my love for the seaside and all it’s charms. It’s gentle waves, brisk air and salty kisses of perfection.



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