Mother’s Day Weekend – Part One




Little Pandora bags – everywhere!

Well… it is Mother’s Day weekend.

I have nothing against flowers, candles and chocolate – but we try to do Mother’s Day a little differently. We – and when I say we – I mean I. I WhatsApp everyone to death, dragging them along to a weekend plan and thankfully they oblige. We try to keep the focus on spending time together and making a day of it rather than focussing on the gifts. Last year we went for a long country stroll.  This year, the plan for the day was Cannon Hall Farm.

We love Cannon Hall Farm! It’s absolutely fabulous and has changed tons in the past few years. We used to go as kids when there were lots of rickety barns, spitting lamas and none of the new fancy features. Even though it’s changed a lot there is so much to do and it hasn’t lost it’s charm.

On Mother’s Day weekend, mums go free which was a lovely touch. We got together with my brothers, spouses, kids and my cousin Natalie came with her neice. It was a lovely group of us. We spent the day feeding animals, riding tractors and stuffing our faces in the gorgeous farm shop cafe. The parks and playgrounds are amazing! Plus there’s a huge indoor soft play with some crazy cool drop slides.


It’s lovely seeing all the cousins together. They’re developing lovely relationships and little personalities. We grew up really close as cousins so it’s nice seeing this carry on. There are about two years between all of them – very evenly spaced! Holly is the oldest so tends to be either the boss or the ring leader. Olivia is our newest niece and this was her first big family outing. She’s just gorgeous!

We went for food in the ‘White Bull’ cafe. It’s gorgeous food and most of the food comes from the farm and the farm shop itself.

The kids menu is fabulous. I have a real pet hate for kids menus that just have fish fingers and chicken nuggets. This one was so varied and you can even get a kids fried breakfast. Us grown ups all tucked into delicious burgers, kebabs, fish finger sandwiches and pork pies. What more could you ask for?

We may have noticed that they also do Bistro Nights which I’d love to go back for. We’re all about the food!

mothers day, cannon hall farm


So, that was Mother’s Day Part One. A lovely family and farm filled day!


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